Walled Garden Baumber

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Tel. 01507 578763

Email: walledgardenbaumber@yahoo.co.uk


The Walled Garden, Baumber, Horncastle, Lincolnshire

Access from the A158 only between Baumber and Wragby

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About Ian Houghton

Our Tai Chi instructor Ian Houghton is known as a 'Sifu', which comes from the Chinese word meaning teacher, skillful person or master. He has been practising martial arts for 39 years and Tai Chi for 34 years. He has a black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu, and teaches Wing Chun Kung, the art of self-defence.

He is also qualified to teach Yang Tai Chi, Chen Tai Chi and several forms of martial arts, to a very high standard.

He is currently studying Lau family Hung Gar and Dim Mack with a renowned Master, Steven Burton, developing his skills in the ancient martial arts which develop combat strength, power and health.


Here in the WGB, Ian will be teaching Yang Tai Chi. This is the most popular and widely practised form of Tai Chi involving fluid slow movements. Steady movements help practitioners relax and feel the flow of energy within their bodies. With its grace, emphasis on relaxation and smooth internal energetics, the Yang style attracts and retains many students each year.




                                                             Tai Chi

Ian Houghton will return 2nd May 2019 to teach his weekly classes at WGB every Thursday 12 till 2pm                                                  

This 2 hour session will cost £8 and involves a series of gentle exercises for all ages and                  abilities.



Tai Chi

Classes will restart 2nd May 2019


New for 2019 YOGA

About Kate Haynes


Kate Haynes has been teaching yoga since 2014 in Derbyshire and in Lincolnshire from April 2018.  

She undertook the BWY Foundation Level 1 (1 year) and qualified with FRYOG Level 3 Diploma (2 years) in August 2013. Since 2010 she has attended many BWY and FRYOG IST/CPD events which include yoga for senior citizens, sports and athletics, anxiety and depression, special needs, alignment, restorative, healthy lower backs, stronger bones for life, neurology yoga, teaching one to ones and many more.

Kate has taught many chair yoga sessions where she previously worked, attended health and well-being events and taught special needs on separate occasions. Kate has also taught as a volunteer, chair yoga sessions at Dementia care homes in Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, and AGE UK events in Lincolnshire.

Yoga means a union of mind, body and breath.  






Kate Haynes will start her six weekly one hour seated Yoga classes

Friday 31st May 2019

11.30am till 12.30pm £5 per session

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