Walled Garden Baumber


Tel. 01507 578763

Email: walledgardenbaumber@yahoo.co.uk


The Walled Garden, Baumber, Horncastle, Lincolnshire

Access from the A158 only between Baumber and Wragby

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     The Gong Space Lincolnshire

     Sound Healing for Health and Harmony


Gongs are healing instruments that have been used for thousands of years to promote healing, stress relief, meditative states and deep relaxation.

The powerful amd therapeutic gong space bathes you in sound waves and vibrations to re-tune and balance on a physicall/mental/emotional/spirital level bringing you back into balance.











Interested in seeing and trying the benefits of a gong bath

then join us at the

Walled Garden Baumber

More Details to come in January 2020




To book onto any of the sessions please contact Sarah thegong.space@outlook.com

or visit



Gong bath
Gong bath 1
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