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Meet Our New
Gardening Team


We would like to introduce to you our new gardening team!


A very warm welcome to Laura our new Head Gardener. Laura is an RHS qualified, very experienced gardener who has come to join us and lead our gardening team. Laura has run her own successful gardening business and brings a multitude of skills and talent with her.


Harry has been with us for a while now and is himself a knowledgable and enthusiastic member of the gardening staff. RHS trained and a qualified arboriculturist as well as having a keen eye for garden design too.


Jaz is a bright and bubbly addition to the team and has a great knowledge of plants and cultivation. Jaz is studying for her RHS qualifications at college and spends her spare time growing plants and studying all things gardening.


Ed is working with the gardening team part-time and the rest of the week he is joining the maintenance team. Ed is planning to study for his RHS qualifications too and is a great addition to the WGB team.


And last, but most definitely not least, is Clare. Clare has been with us forever and is an extremely experienced and valuable part of our team. Clare works part-time to fit in with her family commitments and can turn her hand to anything that is asked of her.


There is always a member of the gardening team around the garden for you to ask any garden related questions and there will be a gardener every Sunday on the plant stall to advise on all the plants, trees and shrubs for sale.


From left to right:- Clare, Harry, Jaz, Laura and Ed.



What a wet period we are having, creating a soggy, muddy and slippery feel to the ground under our boots. As the nights are drawing in and the clocks have gone back, we are now having to make the most of the day light hours here at the Walled Garden.

We are, however, still enjoying the benefits of not having had any major frosts so the Dahlias and lots of annuals are still flowering and creating a nice bit of Autumnal colour.

The leaves are all falling from the trees so we are busy collecting them up and storing them to make our leaf mould. However, it’s best to check around the roses for any leaves that have fallen that are diseased or have Black Spot as these will need to be removed to avoid any disease next year.

The Woodland Walk is being redesigned so we are busy moving and clearing areas ready for some new planting and a fresh look. It’s time to plant out any bare root trees, roses and shrubs before the ground gets too cold. We are going to be planting out our new roses for our rose wall.

We are also cutting back any of the perennials that are fading and dying back and weeding the exposed areas ready for mulching over the Winter months.

Now is the perfect time for taking hardwood cuttings of fruit bushes. Once they have lost their leaves and gone dormant for the Winter you can give them a prune.

Our cold frame will be filling up with our tender plants such as Echiums and Acers to keep the frost off them over the Winter.

We will have to start looking through our seed catalogues now so we can start planning our annual display plants for next years borders.

From all here at The Walled Garden, enjoy getting your gardens ready for the Winter and see you soon

Jobs for the garden this month

By the Head Gardener

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