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The Potting Shed Tearoom

Booking is now available for our  Platinum Afternoon Jubil - Tea. To book please click here

Delicious warm lunches are still being served in the tearoom along side fresh, generously filled sandwiches, home made cakes, Scones, Teas and Stoke's Coffee.

Taking last orders at 3.30pm

Jobs in the garden

* This month the lawn will need some tlc!  Now is the time the lawn will need cutting whenever necessary to maintain a constant height throughout the year.

* Using a half-moon edging iron, create a gutter around the lawn.

* Repair bumps and hollows and apply a proprietary Spring or Summer lawn fertiliser.

* Using a Spring-tine rake or a Scarifier remove old plant debris and moss after applying a chemical moss killer.

* It’s also a time that a new lawn can be sown after the ground has been thoroughly prepared in advance.

* Sow hardy annuals, herbs and wild flower seeds outdoors.

* Protect fruit  blossom from late frosts.

* Tie in climbing and rambling roses and feed.

* Keep weeds under control.

* Start to feed citrus plants.

* Divide bamboos and waterlilies.

* Lightly cut back Lavenders to prevent them getting too leggy..

Plant of the Month!


More commonly known as Granny’s Bonnet or Columbine, these beautiful, perennial plants give so much colour and variety to our gardens from April to June.

The name Aquilegia is a derivative of the Latin word for eagle, the flower petals are said to resemble an eagle’s claw. They boast pretty rosettes of scalloped leaves on stalks of up to 60cm with flowers in colours of bright reds, yellows, soft pinks, blues, purples and whites.

A fantastic plant to encourage bumblebees to our gardens and the flowers are reportedly edible with a very sweet taste, although we wouldn't advocate trying this, with the plant’s seeds and roots being highly poisonous!

They are easy to grow and will self-seed so are ideal for wild gardens or informal spaces. Best suited to sunny or semi-shaded positions and tolerant of most soils.

Available on our plant stall 1 Litre pots at £3.99 each or 4 for £15



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